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Dear Concerned Parent,

 We’re so glad you’re here! Chances are that you found us by looking for alternative methods to the often “messy,” difficult, and painful divorce process.

 If you’re divorcing or even just contemplating divorce in New York and are interested in a newer way to do it with minimal impact on your kids, you’re in the   right place.

 It doesn’t have to be so hard!

It goes without saying that divorce does have a major emotional and psychological effect on children. And when it comes to your children, anything you can do to minimize the trauma that this major life change will have on them, the better.

 But thankfully you can take steps to minimize that impact and start on a path to healing, nurturing, and newfound stability.

 Research shows that the best way to avoid causing children unnecessary pain during and after a divorce is to pursue a collaborative or mediated approach.

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Collaborative or mediated divorce is a new way families across the country (not just in New York) are resolving disputes respectfully— without going to court.

 This saves you precious time and energy that you can then devote to your children. It’s also typically far less expensive than traditional divorce proceedings.


 Best of all, it safeguards your child(ren) from the dangers of adversarial outcomes.

 The real purpose of collaboration is to offer you and your spouse the support, protection, and guidance you need to complete the process without going to court.

 Additionally, collaboration allows you the benefit of having child and financial specialists, divorce coaches and licensed New York family therapists all working together as a team on your behalf.

Unfortunately, not all divorce lawyers in this state share this philosophy and in the past you would have no way of knowing what they believed until it was too late, until now.

 We’ve created our New York Collaborative & Mediated Divorce Attorney Directory specifically to help you find local collaborative divorce lawyers and family law attorneys in your area of New York.

 Call 1-888-651-3582 to get a complete list of these specialist attorneys in your area. There’s no charge for our services and there’s no obligation to use any of the lawyers we help you find. We’ve simply done the hard part (research) for you so you can focus your energy on healing and moving your family forward.

 Most people either ask friends and family for a recommendation or simply search online for a divorce attorney. Then they start calling and inquiring about fees.

 But if you’re committed to minimizing the impact this divorce will have on your children, there really is no other more straight forward path to finding exactly the right attorney to help you accomplish that goal. We’ve done all the work for you by listing ONLY attorneys in New York who specialize in Collaborative or Mediated Divorce.

 This service is completely FREE for you and there is no obligation to hire any of our listed professionals!

 Let’s face it—divorce can be a messy and painful process under the best of circumstances.

But by making sure your divorce professionals practice a Collaborative or Mediated approach, studies have shown that you WILL avoid many painful and costly mistakes in the months and years ahead.

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